The Weeknd's "The Hills" is easily one of the biggest and best tracks of 2015. The song not only achieved crazy chart success, but was also a cornerstone of the Weeknd's very successful album, Beauty Behind the Madness. Despite its achievements, the Weeknd and the song's producers—Illangelo and Mano—are now facing a lawsuit over reportedly taking a part of the beat for the track from a movie score.

According to TMZ, Cutting Edge Music claims a portion of the beat's baseline was taken from a movie they scored called the Machine. Not only that, but the report states one of the song's producers tweeted a compliment to the composer of the movie's music earlier this year, and even said it might make it onto the Weeknd's album—it obviously did. The post doesn't clarify if it was Mano or Illangelo who reportedly tweeted this, but it looks like the tweets in question have since been deleted. Cutting Edge is now looking for a portion of the profits from "The Hills," but it's not known how much money they're looking for. We'll continue to update this story when more details emerge.