The Game’s longstanding feud with 40 Glocc could be coming to end because a judge is ordering him to pay $3,000 for jumping him in July 2012.

According to a report by, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Susan Bruguera found The Game is responsible for an altercation with 40 Glocc outside of a party in the Hollywood Hills. The Compton rapper handed him a beating that was caught on video and went viral. (Here's the footage again if you need a refresher.)

More details have emerged from the incident, specifically saying The Game allegedly pointed a gun at 40 Glocc and surrounded him with a dozen or so members of his entourage. In later court documents, The Game claimed he was using self-defense against 40 Glocc and alleges he flashed a gun at him first. These claims haven't been proven in court yet.

On Sept. 25, Bruguera heard a non-jury trial of 40 Glocc’s lawsuit before taking the case into consideration. In her three-page ruling, she states that the amount of money rewarded to 40 Glocc was due to his demeanor and not being forthright during his testimony.

40 Glocc filed a lawsuit against The Game for $4.54 million in 2013, stating assault, battery, and damages to this reputation. TMZ broke down his lawsuit as follows:

  • $500,000 for pain and suffering
  • $500,000 for emotional distress
  • $2 million in punitive damages
  • $25,000 in medical expenses
  • $750,000 for lost earnings

However, 40 Glocc didn’t win even close to either of these amounts here. Bruguera wrote that 40 Glocc had “total disregard for the truth” and failed to provide any proof of evidence except for the undisputed battery. He also claimed he suffered from post-traumatic stress order, which a judge rejected. Her reasoning was 40 Glocc is known to be a member of the Crips with a violent past.

Throughout the years after 40 Glocc sued The Game, the two have been at each other’s necks either through social media or interviews. "We could never be friends. It’s fuck him for life," he said in an April 2014 interview with XXL. "He know how to stay away from my space. I stay away from his space. Or we clash, it’s gonna be like clash of the titans. There’s a lot of tension built there."

In a March 2015 Instagram post by The Game, he called 40 Glocc out for snitching in court and admitted he did beat him up that day.


Meet Ratatouille aka Master Splinter aka 40 cocks in his mouth in court SNITCHIN.... Got me in here wit all these police, lawyers & shit cause yo pussy ass can't take yo ass whoopin like the SUPER CRIP you claim to be.... You ain't no crip, yo own hood don't fuck wit you & you live in Vegas in a roach motel wit 2 prostitues... I beat yo mothafuckin ass & you in court tellin on a nigga.... Well tell bitch... Yea, I did it.. I FUCKED YOU UP for the world to see.... Ran up on Plies & my nigga Tune wit that fake thug shit but when I caught you, you got BEAT THE FUCK UP !!!! Compton niggas wit the bidness nigga !!!! You a mark & everybody know it !!! SAY THAT AINT YOU up there wit yo rat ass 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀

A photo posted by The Game (@losangelesconfidential) on Mar 10, 2015 at 2:37pm PDT

Bruguera's ruling also states The Game committed battery against 40 Glocc, and is in the process of setting up a second phase of the trial to determine whether The Game should pay punitive damages. My News LA reports the status conference is set for January 14, 2016.