Date: November 16, 2015

Skrapz: "Famous and dangerous, like some lions out the cage, cos they couldn't tame us, I'm whip, whipping in my whip, I'm whipping with the stainless/ And if I see him, due to whip a nigga out his trainers, little pussies, must have thought they could have contained us, nah man, we're the hardest niggas on the pavement/ Ni**as lying in their raps, talking this and talking that, to tell the truth it all sounds like prepared statements/ I'm in the game now all these rappers tryna holla man, this real ni**a rap, I had to shout my brudda Hollowman, and if a nigga diss the program and then make me whip the weapon out my pants, it's gonna mash up your tomorrow plan."

North meets south London as two road rap titans, Skrapz and Giggs, collide on "Round Here" from Skrapz' The End Of The Beginning LP. It's the former SLK member who takes things to another level though, with a menacing verse set off with his characteristically laid-back demeanor. We've got a feeling Skrapz will be everywhere next year.