One of the greatest Christmas gifts was The Beatlesmusic finally became available on all music streaming services. Listeners were excited to hear the iconic band on Christmas Eve, as songs were added to over 673,000 playlists on just Spotify alone during the first two days.

Billboard has gathered some interesting data about the group of Beatles listeners. About 65 percent of the listeners on Spotify are under the age of 34. More importantly, the top Beatles songs streaming in the U.S. and globally are mostly hits, but there are a few sleeper songs that might surprise you.

Check out the songs, below. Hopefully this data means more legendary bands will offer their catalogues to music streaming services.

Top 10 Beatles tracks in the U.S.:

1. "Come Together"
2. "Hey Jude"
3. "Here Comes The Sun"
4. "Let It Be"
5. "Twist And Shout"
6. "Blackbird"
7. "I Want To Hold Your Hand"
8. "In My Life"
9. "She Loves You"
10. "Help!"

Top 10 Beatles tracks on Spotify globally: 

1. "Come Together"
2. "Let It Be"
3. "Hey Jude"
4. "Love Me Do"
5. "Yesterday"
6. "Here Comes The Sun"
7. "Help!"
8. "All You Need Is Love"
9. "I Want To Hold Your Hand"
10. "Twist And Shout"