Ahead of her sold-out concert in Sydney, Australia, Taylor Swift sat down for a wide-ranging interview with Beats 1 Radio. She kicked things off with a discussion of her newfound relationship with Apple, which actually came out of her infamous open letter calling them out for not paying artists during the Apple Music trial period. "When I posted it, I sent the link to my label president with just 'sorry.' And then I was struck with this overwhelming sense of fear... Am I going to wake up tomorrow and all my music is off iTunes?" she worried.

As it turned out, the opposite was true. "They had shown such humility in what they did that not only me, but I think a lot of other artists gained a reverence and a respect for the fact that they actually listened to our community." Now, she has a working relationship with the company, which obtained the exclusive rights to film a documentary of the 1989 Tour.

She also got into the making of 1989, which she said had some people at her label nervous. "I got a lot of resistance from every part of my team because if something's working, a lot of people feel like 'Why would you change that?'" Of course, she ended up releasing the pop record she wanted, a move that earned her some of the best reviews of her career. Near the end, Swift also touches on the conception of the tour and the famous stream of guest stars who made appearances throughout it. Check out the whole interview above.