As we bring 2015 to a close, allow us to introduce to you a rapper we think will be on everyone's lips within the next twelve months: Woodie Smalls. Woodie hails from Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, which, we're guessing, doesn't seem very hip-hop to you. But that notion couldn't be more false even if it tried. He's already recorded his first album, Soft Parade, which was released this year, and one listen to his new joint "Jawbreaker" and you'll know that this kid's microphone skills are for real. Along with some tight production from Mayor, Woodie proceeds to ride the track with sharp verbals and an impeccable flow. And he's serious about his craft, too.

"This is me running with the music, focusing on nothing else and just working hard," he explained to us over email. "When I was younger, me and my neighbour used to steal these jawbreakers from the local store and we used to run super-fast when we stole them. And this track, the pace, it reminded me of us running. It's pretty much me just talking about not caring about anything that's going on around me. I always feel confident when I play this song."

Listen to "Jawbreaker" exclusively below.