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Today, Discarda drops off "Diamond Geezer" to warm up our frost-bitten gun fingers. His comical, East End cockney phrasingalongside that cannon pirate radio flowis complimented by producer Lewi White's echoing bass, which hypnotises you with its simple but consistent samples. Another east Londoner, Nick Brewer, who recently had chart success with his single "Talk To Me", glides through on the track and delivers a new, somewhat charming angle to what being a diamond geezer is all about. Discarda has been spitting since the age of 11, and was a member of Mucky Wolfpack and Wile Out Onez. And with over a decade of pirate radio under his belt, and his A Lyrical Pot Of Marmite tape on the way, 2016 is looking sweet as a nut for this grime veteran.