Now that Migos member Offset is out of jail, he's ready to talk about his case and the events that led up to his arrest. In his first interview since his release, Offset spoke with Atlanta station WSB-TV about what went down and what he thought of the plea deal he took. In the deal, Offset received five years of probation, a $1,000 fine, and was banished from four counties in Georgia. Offset said he had never heard of anyone being banished from a county before and thought it was pretty extreme. "That's something like if a terrorist comes over here or something," he said.

Offset also said he was thankful for all the fans that wrote to him while he was locked up. "To all my fans, I love y'all, I wouldn't have made it without you." While Offset has only been out for a few weeks, Migos wasted no time dropping new music now that the group is whole again. However, he did say that it was tough that the group had to record without him while he was locked up. Not only that, but he said it hurt business for Migos because promoters canceled their shows because he was in jail. Despite all the issues, the group is now ready to move on and pick up where they left off in the industry.