During a recent interview with VladTV, Ja Rule had some interesting things to say about white hip-hop fans' use of the n-word. Although he said he didn't approve of them using it, he thought there was a bit of inevitability due to the close association of the word to hip-hop as a genre. "It's hip-hop. Kids listen to hip-hop, and they use the n-word. There's no way around it, point blank, period," he said. He recalled a recent Metro Boomin' show he attended, where he played Kanye West's "All Day" while fading out the repeated n-word in the chorus. "The white kids are singing that n*gga word like a motherf*cker," he noted. "And I'm up in the balcony dying laughing because I'm like 'Yo, what do you expect them to do?'"

Rule reflected on where the line was in mixed company, noting that he doesn't like hearing his kids saying it but that he thought many young people didn't fully understand the hurtful history behind the word. "What do you do, not play that song if you have a white audience and you DJ? I don't know," he said. However, he advised that white people refrain from using the word due to people's varied opinions about it, and hoped everyone would use it less in general. He even commented on Justin Bieber's past controversy in using the word. "He has the video that came out a few years ago where he's singing 'One lonely n*gga' or whatever. He got a pass. We all looked at it like he's a kid, he doesn't know no better."

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