DJ Khaled has found his calling: Snapchatting motivational jet ski videos. Less than a week after finding himself dramatically lost at sea on his trusty steed, Khaled went back out on his jet ski for another round of fun yesterday. This time Khaled made it home just fine, but he had a familiarly busy day on and off the water. After breakfast and taking care of some business, Khaled watered his plants (again) and hit the sea where he ran into a bunch of inspirational fans. The best part though? Bryson Tiller randomly pops up out of nowhere and chills with Khaled for a little while on his own jet ski. (Seriously, how did they find each other?)

It's super real in these waters I jus met up @BrysonTlIIer on the ocean on a jet ski team snap chat report

— DJ KHALED (@djkhaled) December 16, 2015

Watch the whole thing above and revisit Khaled's most legendary jet ski adventure here.