DJ Khaled's Snapchat has become somewhat of a phenomenon.

Let's be real: Khaled empowers the youth to reach their goals and achieve success with his motivational speeches and infectiously positive attitude. The Miami-based producer and DJ racks in a whopping 3 million views per Snap. If you haven't been living under a rock for the last month, you're familiar with his pathway to more success and all those keys to success, too.

You've probably heard about the "Lion" cameo every now and then, which we're greeted with while Khaled waters his coveted plants. For an upcoming episode of "Get Sweaty," Complex was lucky enough to get an inside look at Khaled's home and everything you see on his widely loved Snapchat. Check out the clip above for a walk down the pathway to more success and stay tuned for "Get Sweaty" to drop in the coming weeks.