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Curren$y had a bone to pick with ESPN2's "His & Hers" host Michael Smith when he appeared on the show earlier today. In January Curren$y shared a little fun fact about Smith on his Instagram account, revealing that not only did they attend elementary school together, but that Smith drove Curren$y's mother to tears of laughter on a field trip. So what was Curren$y's gripe? Smith denied an important part of the story: that he was bitten by a horse. 

"It absolutely happened to you" Curren$y said on the show. "My mom can vouch because she was the chaperone on this field trip." "I saw my mom crying," the Canal Street Confidential rapper continued. "I didn't know what happened at y'all's table so I walked over there and I'm like, 'What's going on?' 'Cause, you know, my mom's crying. But my mom was crying and laughing at your story 'cause you got bit by a horse." Curren$y also made a strong point, saying, "I thought that you would say, 'Man, your memory is impeccable.' Because my lifestyle has people questioning my memory. People don't know how sharp my memory is."

Watch the whole clip above and catch up on the New Orleans rapper's new album here.