Drake is no stranger to working with a wide variety of artists, and with Craig David currently in the middle of his comeback to the industry, a project between the two just might make total sense. While nothing is set in stone yet, David recently teased the possibility of a full mixtape between him and Drake during a recent interview on BBC 1Xtra. "When the time is right, when it’s really right, and there’s the Craig David/Drake mixtape, I promise you, not on a ‘get gas, beg a man to be on his record’ kind of thing, because he’s the hottest thing right now," he said.

Whoa. That's pretty major, but David did warn it's not a guarantee that anything will actually happen. He also said that even if it did happen, it probably wouldn't be soon. Still, just thinking about a Craig David and Drake mixtape brings out all of the fire emojis. Watch the interview above starting at the nine-minute mark.