Earlier this month, Complex revealed our lists for best songs and albums of 2015. Some of you nodded in agreement, while others nit-picked over the rankings. And then there were those who completely trashed the list. Don't worry, we see you too.

A few of our staff members—shout out to Damien, Christine, and Justin—even went on Hot 97 to defend the list, and things got pretty heated. However, we didn't see that as an issue brewing between Complex and Hot 97, but rather an opportunity to expand the conversation about which artists delivered the best musical moments in 2015. 

That said, our staff has a wide range of taste in music, and that shines through in our individual lists below. Scroll down to find out what songs and albums we were feeling this year. Chances are you'll come across something you missed out on. Thank us later.

2014 Staff Picks

2013 Staff Picks