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When people look back on 2015, it will be impossible to ignore the dab movement. It's literally taken over mainstream media, with news anchors busting out dabs during their broadcasts. Though the dab has caught on and will probably be played out soon enough, the origins of the move will always be a hotly contested topic.

Rappers like Rich the KidMigos​, and PeeWee Longway​ are adamant about the dab movement starting in Atlanta,  and they're quick to let you know it. Enter Bow Wow, who recently tried to explain that the origin of the dab came from smoking a strong blend of weed that would make you cough after one hit. Well, the aftermath of this isn't going well for Bow Wow, as Twitter is ripping him a new one for the video explanation. As Migos wrote on their page, maybe Bow Wow just got a little too high this morning.