At any given moment, there are about 90 songs on the Apple Music Hot Tracks list, 30 on your Discover Weekly collection on Spotify, and 100 songs on, go figure, the Billboard Hot 100. Of these roughly 220 songs, let's say about 75 percent of them are from 2015, 72 percent of those fall into pop, rap, R&B, dance, and other genres that Complex covers, so that brings us to 118.8 songs. Then you retrieve the lost two-tenths of that one song, which brings the count to 119. Next, you write all of those titles on slips of paper, throw them in the air, and the 50 that touch the ground first make our year-end list.

Or not. 

Just as it did with our best albums of 2015 list, our best songs list required many conversations, drafts and redrafts, raised hands and written co-signs, followed by lots of last-minute decisions about rankings. Sometimes songs make it on there because of statistics. Other times, you have to consider a track because you've been spouting its lyrics at coworkers all year or because it made a handful of editors remain in a dark conference room long after the official meeting had ended just so they could listen again. It is not an exact science, but we are not scientists, nor are we mathematicians (please never make us do percentages again). We are though, allegedly, writers, so here are our picks for the best songs of 2015 and the reasons why we chose them. 

Listen to our Best Songs of 2015 playlist on Spotify and Apple Music right now.


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