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At this point, it's just safe to assume that 50 Cent and Rick Ross will never stop taking shots at each other. The latest comes from 50, when he decided to clown Rozay for his projected Black Market album sales. At the time of the interview, Ross' album sales projections sat around 34,000 copies, though his final number for first week sales has yet to be officially released.

"Is that a rock or a brick?" 50 asked. He added that Ross and Def Jam probably bought some of those copies, too. Interestingly enough, 50's last album, Animal Ambition, only moved 47,000 copies in its first week just last year, so there's actually a good chance that the albums could sell close to the same amount. Facts probably won't stop these two from going at each other though. 50's latest project, the Kanan Tape, is available to stream and download here