Although trap’s explosion into the mainstream is old news now, London DJ TroyBoi is carrying the trap music torch metaphorically handed to him by sonic predecessors like TNGHT. One of new wave trap’s finest practitioners, TroyBoi is a true productionist. His drums hit hard and comprise the backbone of the brash swagger and bounce that defines his work.

TroyBoi is at his most exciting when he’s reworking other people’s song, like on his interpretation of the El Debarge classic “I Like It.” He manages to keep all the funk and excellence of the original while turning the entire song completely on its head. Familiar sounds become warped and the massive drums boom out; the song’s main skeleton remains the same, but it’s been twisted into a new creature entirely. TroyBoi received a major hype boost earlier this year from his Flosstradamus collaboration “Soundclash” and has ridden the wave across his recent U.S. tour.