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UPDATE: Thug is still going at Metro while promoting a new song that's going to drop, which is actually produced by Metro. 

Any hope that the Metro Boomin and Young Thug's problems would go away after a few days is out the window, as Thugga is still threatening Metro on Twitter. Yesterday, Metro directly tweeted Thug and said that they know each other in real life and that they can meet up in person to solve these issues. Thug quoted the tweet with a smiley face, and it seemed like the issues between them might be resolved.

Thug then responded again this morning with a message that he's going to "beat the shit out u fool" to Metro, and though Metro has yet to respond, it seems like this situation isn't going away anytime soon. The initial problems between Thug and Metro came about when Metro ranted on Twitter about the mixtape game in rap, and how artists can't drop as many projects as Future and be successful.

Thug apparently thought that Metro was talking about him, though he never disclosed exactly what artists he was referring to in the tweets. Things then escalated on Twitter, with Future sending some subtweets in Thug's direction. We'll continue to update this story as it progresses.