Trick Daddy appeared on The Breakfast Club this morning, and in normal Trick Daddy fashion, he kept it all the way real throughout. While he appeared on the show to plug his new line of cooking spices, it quickly turned into Trick talking about a variety of wild topics like his love of booty eating. "I'm a pleaser, so I appreciate booty eating women," Trick said. Of course, Trick isn't shy about his love of the booty eating craft, and back in 2014 he even declared an "Eat the Booty" day

Trick also discussed his frayed relationship with Birdman during the extensive interview. "When you try and be a CEO, when you try to be a rapper, and you try and be a ladies man, and you trying to be a girlfriend, and you trying to be a viewcrip and a blood," Trick said about Birdman. He then questioned Baby's skills as a business man, and pointed out that Cash Money doesn't have an office. "If you don't stand for something, you fall for anything," Trick said. 

Tensions between Birdman and Trick have been ongoing for years, and originally sparked in 2013 when Lil Wayne dissed Trick's hometown Miami Heat. Birdman was able to end the beef at the time, but Trick said in the interview today that it was Birdman intervening in the situation that made him mad in the first place.