Thom Yorke, a consistently vocal supporter of combating climate change with the urgency it requires, took to the streets on Sunday for a DJ set during Greenpeace UK’s People’s March for Climate event in London. The march, timed to precede the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, featured a Greenpeace float perfect for spinning records in the name of a cleaner and more sustainable environment:

"Initially, it kept me awake at night," the Radiohead leader told Télérama earlier this week during a lengthy discussion regarding the steps he has taken to diminish his own carbon footprint when touring. "It sounds really stupid, especially when my second child arrived, in 2004, I got unhealthily obsessed about it. But when I started to get involved in doing something about it, that helped me a lot."

Yorke is set to perform at a UN Climate Change Conference event called Pathway to Paris, according to Billboard. However, don't expect a protest song in the spirit of 60s activism, as Yorke doesn't believe that would work: "If I was going to write a protest song about climate change in 2015, it would be shit."