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Oakland, CA based band SMSHNG HRTS bring their own brand funk-ridden electronica experimentation in their debut EP. Produced, arranged, written and performed entirely by the band themselves, the five-piece group's sound shoots into an 80's stratosphere lit with stabbing synths and brazen horns all swiveled around bombastic beats on songs like "Just Friends" and "You Taste So Good." Other songs find the band playing with rock and R&B to deliver 90's-influenced slow-jams. The full result lands them in a cosmic sweet spot somewhere between Eurythmics, Daft Punk and 90s R&B.

"Our sound is a fusion of different genres of music from rock, alternative to classic soul and pop," lead singer Dylan told us over email. "We call it 'So Cosmic.' That’s the name of the EP, but that’s also the name of the genre we define our music as. It’s just a blend. It’s not an R&B thing. It’s not a POP thing. It’s whatever sounds good at that moment.”

Stream their debut EP So Cosmic exclusively below before it drops Friday.