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Legendary R&B songstress, Shola Ama, is back with another late-night slow jam in "Smoke & Mirrors". This time, she's roped in DJ, producer, and 1Xtra presenter Toddla T to add a hazy, slowed-down rap beat to her breathy, sultry vocals. It's not the first time they've worked together. You may remember their last foray, 2011's "Take It Back", with its unabashed, hands-in-the-air ravey piano line and funk-filled bassline. "Smoke & Mirrors" is a markedly different vibe, but Ama's trademark vocals are still the star of the show and utterly hypnotising. Just as at home on a classic house beat as she is on trippy hip-hop beats, Shola Ama is long overdue the recognition she deserves.