Raleigh Ritchie has a new video out and it presents us with an artist articulating himself not just musically, but visually, too. It's immediately apparent that Ritchie has a good eye for composition and a passion for all things film and television. Originally appearing on his 2013 EP Black & Blue, "Bloodsport" has been updated and split into two versions: "Bloodsport '15 Part 1" and "Part 2" (out now). The video for the second part, which you can watch above, sees Ritchie bemoan the happiness of others in the face of his own romantic turmoil or, as he puts it, "about the small battles that a relationship faces."

Ritchie, armed with a sniper rifle, puts several couples in his crosshairs (as well as some paramedics, pall bearers and, erm, a cowboy and a mime) as he makes light work of ridding the world of anyone enjoying romantic bliss. Without spoiling the video, there's a very clever twist at the end that's as funny as it is disturbing. You'll just have to watch.