Razor-sharp three-piece Teddy are back with a brand new single, and despite its bombast and dancefloor-ready rhythms, there's a very tender story at the track's heart. The song tells the story of band member Tom Falle coming out as gay when he was 14. "In many senses, it preaches the predictable," he explained, "that it's okay to be gay. But it also says it's okay to be gay and wear a rugby shirt." In that sense, the track also acts as what the band calls a "defiant response to heteronormativity." There are no rules to dictate who or what you should be. People are people, and we should allow one another to live within our own truths.

"Fulfilling Romance" will be available digitally from November 6, followed by an exclusive 7" vinyl release on December 11. You can catch Teddy at the launch show on December 16 at Servant Jazz Quarters.