Detroit technoist Stacey Pullen has a couple of new tracks to share with you today, one of which can be heard below, and it's the classic sound of funk-infused robotic Detroit techno. "Save Ourselves" (which accompanies "I'm Coming") is one of two exclusive tracks made by Stacey for his new two-disc mixed compilation, Balance (out Nov.6). The compilation, which also features Kevin Saunderson as E-Dancer alongside newer artists like Huxley and Fake Blood, comes as part of Pullen's bid to disrupt the way music is shared online. "With SoundCloud, Mixcloud and other streaming sites, I am very selective on what I approve to have broadcasted," he says. "I feel that those sites have diminished the validity and quality of the proper mixed compilation over the years, because now all you have to do is search for any DJ—and there you have it." Which is why, besides this track and another on his SoundCloud, the Balance compilation is the only place you can hear all of these tracks (unless you're one of those unscrupulous urchins who pirates music, of course).