Before Little Simz and Lady Leshurr, Shystie was that girl barring it out in a room full of guys on pirate radio, helping to remove that "she's good for a girl" tagline from everyone's thought process—she was just good, and not "just for a girl." Often, we look at some of the new talent and think they're breaking new ground when, in fact, those before them put in the graft so that they can flow smoothly in the game.

Fresh from breaking the 'net with her random, 30-second freestyles, Shy returns to the booth with a brand new cut entitled "No Safety." Jumping on a head-spinning tribal trap production from DJ Cable, she gets riotous with the bars for pure club hype. "'No Safety' is just a high-energy track that represents UK underground club culture to the fullest," she told Complex. "Putting a gun-finger in the air when a track's played has always been one of the highest forms of appreciation to me, so that's the energy that I'm bringing on this one."

Shystie added that her Exhalation EP will "be out soon, and it's basically me at my best: raw, uncut, and fiery. The main hope for this new music is that my original, day one followers will enjoy it."