Much like her stage name, Rubee Rayne offers up a whole lot of dreaminess when it comes to her music. You look at the picture above and see lots of "swag" and "edge", right? But what comes out of her mouth is far removed from what the book cover actually presents. Every lyric clipped by her British-and-proud accent, this Berkshire lass' delicate, almost fragile vocals are to be handled with carewhich is why she opts for soul-dipped electronica, so that her pop-R&B vocals can breathe. "'Nightshift' illustrates this ​current point in my life where I'm learning to stop viewing the submissive part of myself as a negative thing, and start accepting the concept of love as a service to others," said Rayne of her new single, which follows last month's "DSYLM (Don't Say You Love Me)". The recent Law grad asserts, speaking on her music, that "I've finally gained clarity of where I'm trying to go and how I'm going to get there." But judging by her offerings so far, she already had it in the bag.​ 

Stream "Nightshift" exclusively below.