Today, Los Angeles-based producer Justin Jay drops his first single on UK imprint, Black Butter Records, as part of a new cross-genre project he's calling Justin Jay & Friends. "Karma" combines the talents of vocalist Josh Taylor and guitarist Benny Bridges, with each bringing their staple sounds to the table, and it's a glorious mix of contemporary vocal house and driving, tribal percussion. "Josh was drawing influence from John Mayer and Jack Johnson," says Justin of his college buddy, "while I was hooked on Dirtybird and going to illegal house and techno raves. Back in January, with one semester before graduation, we decided to jam together, as a somewhat sarcastic joke. I'd never felt so uncomfortable making music in my life and Josh felt the same."

The result, "Karma", is undeniably house, all the while reaching out to all things jazz, soul, and funk. "I never had to think about lyrics, verses and choruses," Jay adds, "and Josh had never sang on top of minor chord changes and dirty basslines." There's a first time for everything, as the saying goes. Listen to the track exclusively below.