Conrad Clifton may not be a name you're overly familiar with, but even the most cursory of scans at his list of credits and it becomes quickly apparent that, actually, you know this man quite well after all. He's already turned out some remarkable remixes for the likes of Rihanna and L'Etranger, and his production "Down" (performed by Yelawolf) was featured on Eminem's Shady XV comp. With all that under his belt, Clifton is now making moves to establish himself in his own right. "If I Were Me", the lead track from the EP of the same name (due out Dec. 4 via Playground Records), combines elements of hip-hop, house, electro and R&B into an explosion of colour. 

"My sound is a crazy mixture of all of my influences, from hip-hop, electronic, alt rock, house, bass, and all types of dance music," says Clifton. "But also, film scores. I love to convey different emotions through my music. I want my music to be able to go with you anywhere and with any situation (the club, the car ride, train ride, house party, a date, a lonely night, or even while you sleep). No matter what, it will be personal to you." It's clear even from the first note that Clifton's priority is emotionally-charged, vibrant electronica, channeling the emotive qualities of a film score with the heat and passion of myriad influences.