Lil B’s Thugged Out Pissed Off mixtape is on the way, and tonight, he's made a bold shout out to The Weeknd on one of the tape's tracks.


The Based God dropped a video for “4 Tha Record,” containing some very not-so-subliminal shots to the Toronto crooner. Peep his repeated disses below:

“Call me Lil Bars with the XO bars / Saying fuck The Weeknd I can’t sing that soft”

“A lot of suckers fake so I can’t respect it / Fuck The Weeknd put that on record”

The last line is sort of the hook of the song. It’s hard to tell where this hatred is coming from, but he’s been saying “Fuck The Weekend!” for a while. Here’s a tweet from December 2014.

Is it mixtape promotion or is it real beef? At the end of the track, Lil B goes on a rant, pointing out that he’s not fucking with you if you’re stealing swag.

“I don’t give a fuck if you’re singing, I don’t give a fuck if you’re rapping, if you’re stealing swag you’re stealing swag”

The Weeknd hasn’t responded yet. But best believe he's been cursed.