Justin Bieber didn’t exactly have the lunch of his lifetime while in Cannes, France on Saturday. While enjoying his meal with an unnamed friend, King Bieber reportedly stood up suddenly before flipping a chair and quickly vacating the premises. Like a rock star. According to TMZ, many originally speculated that Bieber was just annoyed by some camera-wielding fans:

However, Bieber was quick to hop on Twitter and clarify the chair toss, reportedly adding that he had just received some "bad personal news" from his friend and apparently wasn’t too thrilled with the content, meaning the fans were definitely not the issue:

This, of course, doesn’t mark Bieber’s first international incident. Thankfully, dude clearly has a sense of humor and even went on a retweeting spree of GIFs and spot-on commentary:

Justin Bieber really is the only living rock star.