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So, you say you’re a ride or die Belieber. Let me ask you this: would you buy five copies of Purpose to prove it?

15-year-old Brampton native Mani Ahluwalia plans to do exactly this. One better, she’s organizing a meetup in Toronto on Saturday just for Justin Bieber fans. The plan? Buy every single copy in stock at the HMV Superstore at 333 Yonge Street.

Before you write this off as a trivial act of teenage fandom, think twice. Purpose Buyout Toronto lives up to its name, with motivations greater than just boosting Justin Bieber’s album sales—extra copies will be donated to to Sick Kids Hospital. “I know a lot of kids at SickKids are huge fans of Justin,” Ahluwalia told the Toronto Star. At 2:00PM on Saturday, she’ll lead a parade of Beliebers from Yonge-Dundas Square to HMV with the hopes of depleting their Purpose supply.

Marie Bomba, the Director of Foundation Relations at SickKids, told the Star they’ve received these CDs as donations before. “We use gifts like this in a number of ways,” she said “It may be a gift for the holidays, if they celebrate their birthday in the hospital, or some milestone, like if they finish chemotherapy treatment, we might give them a reward. That could be a Justin Bieber CD.”

It’s not clear if Purpose Buyout Toronto has the resources to clean out HMV’s shelves, but their Twitter account has over 300 followers. When’s the last time you bought a physical record, let alone bought extra copies to donate to a good cause? Beliebers are the realest.