Skrillex is revealing a whole new side to himself in the video for his highly-anticipated remix of GTA's "Red Lips." The celebrated artist and producer has had a few experiences with film in the past, including scoring Spring Breakers and contributing music to the Wreck-It Ralph soundtrack.

Skrillex taps director Grant Singer, who he previously worked with on the video for "Burial" featuring Pusha T and Yogi. In case you're not familiar, Singer is also the mastermind behind the videos for the Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face," "The Hills," and "Tell Your Friends."  The "Red Lips" remix video stars Anya Taylor Joy as the protagonist facing an onslaught of otherworldly nightmares and relentless doom. In a terrifying sequence, viewers follow her as she navigates through the shifting landscape of carefully choreographed fights and contortionist street dancing courtesy of Brooklyn's Ringmaster Nugget and crew.

"The first thing that went through my head when I heard the song is that it starts out kind of pretty, but still dark. It feels almost schizophrenic," Skrillex told Pitchfork on creating the concept for the video with Singer. "The way Sam Bruno, the vocalist, delivers the song, it feels like she’s afraid of something. The idea was, what if this girl was sitting here by herself, and when the key changes in the song, the sky just went black and these creatures come out from behind and it’s this nightmare she’s running from? It’s this girl in your head, and this is what she’s seeing." Funded largely by collaborator Apple, the whole video took six months to make. Watch it above.