The Drake and Meek Mill situation just won't seem to go away, and it now involves a very messy Twitter squabble between DJ Drama and his ex-wife, Summer Walker. The situation between the two seemed to start over an alimony payment that Drama apparently owed Walker, but turned ugly when Walker said that Drama was the one who leaked Drake's reference tracks to Meek Mill. Meek called Drake out for not writing his own rhymes on Twitter after they discovered the reference songs. The tracks eventually ended up in the hands of Funk Flex, who played them on Hot 97. 

Walker, or Summer P, also claims that Drama sent Meek the songs to make him feel better about Quentin Miller not wanting to work with him. This is an interesting development in itself, since it's unclear in what capacity Meek wanted to work with Miller, and if this means Meek wanted Quentin to write for him. 

 If you remember, Drama initially denied leaking the songs to Meek or Funk Flex. The situation bubbled when Drake name-dropped Walker on the What a Time to be Alive track, "I'm the Plug," but it didn't seem to be going anywhere further. Meek is currently still taking shots at Wale at the moment, but who knows where this will send the entire situation.