It's no secret that Eminem has one of the most loyal fanbases of all time, but one diehard supporter from Poland is backing Slim Shady unlike anyone else. Aleksander Walijewski​—a 23-year-old graphic design student living in Kielce—was so inspired by Eminem's performances over the years that he crafted a one-of-a-kind sculpture of the legendary rapper's face.

"I also wanted to show the focus and tension on his face, it's like one of those moments when he looks at the crowd that is screaming his name," Walijewski said of his work. The finished product, which you can see above, took Walijewski about 50 hours to complete in the end. In an interview with MLIVE, Walijewski said that he hopes Eminem will see the sculpture online so that he can one day give it to him as a gift. You really can't deny the kid's skills, and we're pretty sure Marshall would welcome this into his collection. Let's make it happen.