A lot has changed for D.C.-based artist Chaz French over the last year. Back in October 2014, he released his Happy Birthday EP—an introspective journey through his life—from depression to being homeless, taking care of his daughter, addiction and more. "I just want people to live the life they dreamed of, and not try to live up to other people's expectations," he told us. "You can make it out of any struggle. The struggle isn't always a bad thing - so much positive can come out of it."

He's seen the positive over the last year after the EP's success and today, he's announcing a brand new project titled These Things Take Time, which drops on Dec. 11 via 368 Music Group (CCCLXVIII).

"My first project Happy Belated was about my personal struggles and things I've been through," French said over email. "This time around I wanted to speak to the struggles of my fans and people who stumble across my music by addressing the struggles I feel like we all go through. Everybody has some type of struggle and that's what's shapes us as people.  We gain strength as we endure the struggle. Just know that the struggle isn't forever and it takes a little longer to get there when it's real. All of our blessings are coming... These Things Take Time." 

Along with the announcement, he's released a trailer for fans to see what his life has been like over the last year. He's also premiering a brand new track titled "Remember," produced by Izze. It's a menancing track that captures his rise and all the memories that came before it, and how hard work brought him to where he's at now. Stream it below: