With an MF DOOM collaborative project under his belt and Nas in his corner, Bishop Nehru's future certainly looks bright. His latest project, Nehruvia: The Nehruvian EP, adds to his already impressive output, with "ManSsin" highlighting his lyrical prowess. Today, the rap wunderkind delivers the visuals for this standout track.

The video is directed by Bishop and features the rapper creepin' through the woods on a muggy day alongside his rhyming partner Que Hampton. The Charles Manson sound bites make the experience that much more eerie, along with rhymes like, "Got my toes in deep now I creep and I eat with the wolves/And still I keep peace and deliver to the sheep/'Cause you sow what you reap and the loot must repeat." 

Bishop's The Nehruvian EP is available for download here.