Over the last year, Axwell /\ Ingrosso has been releasing a number huge singles in preparation for whenever they drop their debut album as a duo. We've not heard much from them since they dropped a series of singles that were given the short film treatment back in March, and their next banger, "This Time," finds them collaborating with King Push himself, Pusha T.

If you've been following their work, though, you've already heard it; "This Time" got previewed on Pete Tong's BBC Radio 1 show back in December of 2014, with the duo saying they used a sample of their single "Something New" on the track, but this version is perfectly fleshed out. The first chunk of the song has some funky Daft Punk-ish chords to it, building you up for this adrenaline rush of a tune. It's not totally removed from their EDM anthems, but there's a much darker vibe to this, especially when the track breaks down to the mid-tempo middle, allowing Pusha T to let off a ferocious 16 before bringing it all back together for the grand finale.

While there's still no real information on when their album comes out, "This Time" is out right now, and based on the catalog of tracks they've dropped over the last year, they have an intriguing collection set to hit dance music fans with. (If you're in Sweden or Germany, you can view the video by clicking here.)