Villa is still a fresh name on the Atlanta music scene, but he continues to impress with everything he puts out, and that continues today with the debut of his long-awaited project, Vertical. With 11 new songs, Vertical is the full body of work from Villa that fans have been waiting for while his hype gradually ascends. With the project entirely produced by Richie Souf, it has a concise, yet unique sound all the way through. 

While the tape includes Villa's previous hits, "Teardrop Mercedes" and "Futuristic Boy," it also showcases his range as an artist, and why his buzz is continually growing. "I was at a low point musically. No production, no inspiration, nothing. And here comes Richie with this crazy production. I felt like, damn we can only go up from here. Vertical," Villa told Complex. Stream the project in full below, and download here