Controversial rapper Tyler, The Creator has never really been one to steer away from controversy. Following news that the artist had to cancel his upcoming Australian tour in part due to pressure from lobby group Collective Shout's campaign against his perceived misogynistic lyrics, Tyler was uncharacteristically quiet. 

Well, that was until today — when the rapper clapped back with bars from a new track entitled 'Fuck It'. The song makes the Tyler's feelings on the matter crystal clear, with some pointed barbs thrown at Australia's visa policies and a recognition that much of the controversial material that critics point to came from the artist's earlier recordings. "Freedom of speech? My freedom was breached/ Border Patrol put me on streets immediately / For shit I said when I was a virgin, repeatedly / Posting on Hypebeast cause nobody would listen me." 

Tyler also touches on the issue of race, comparing his visa denial to a similar controversy that Eminem faced on Australian shores. 'Tell Australia I'm sneaking in with a mic in my damn hand / Instead of the vegetables that I packed in my backpack / When Marshall had this problem what the fuck was they telling him? / Is it cause of status or his melanin lacks black." Although the track probably won't do much to change the mind of his critics, particularly due to the inclusion of pointedly antagonistic lyrics ("How can I be misogynistic / love titties and ass," anyone?) at least we know how he feels about the issue.