Last week, Harlem's very own Tim Vocals dropped the first of his #TimTuesdays with a flip of Justin Bieber's "Where Are Ü Now" into a weed anthem appropriately titled "Where Is the Loüd." Today, he's back with a reimagination of the Weeknd's "The Hills" into "The Pills," where he chronicles all the drugs he downed on a Monday (or is it Sunday? Are you OK, Tim?). Anyway, if the Weeknd's catalog isn't druggy enough for you, you'll love this one.

"My reason for doing 'The Pills' over is because it's different then anything else I've done musically," Vocals told Complex over email "Ever since I worked with Bauuer on 'Look Both Ways,' I feel like I unlocked a secret chamber in my creativity, its helped me develop a more diverse pen. That's why I did the Bieber cover for Tim Tuesdays, too. More importantly, I want to show my fans that my trials and tribulations are finally behind me, I'm back and I'm here to stay."

For those unfamiliar with Vocals' catalog, he's been doing covers like this since 2012.