The guitar solo isn’t an endangered species; it’s one that’s evolving to survive in a rapidly changing climate. Guitar gods of the 20th century, like Slash and Eddie Van Halen (or their modern-day disciples) can still prop a foot up on a stage monitor and let loose a flurry of axe-wielding wizardry during the bridge of an arena rock anthem. But in the 2010s, the guitar, and the guitar solo, are often kept relevant by iconoclasts rather than icons, with creative new applications of the same old six strings in strange new contexts that are often as much about the composition and self-expression as displays of skill. The guitar solo isn’t confined to just rock, and rock guitar isn’t confined to just power trios with a drummer and bassist in the background. Here are the 10 Best Guitar Solos of the Past 5 Years, with some old masters in the mix along with some exciting younger talent.