Rising artist and producer, Shallou, who is perhaps best known to this point for his fantastic remixes, is ready to break out, and today, he debuts his new single titled "After." Originally from New Orleans, Shallou now resides in Chicago, and over the last year has opened eyes with not only his work on remixes with such artists as CRUISR​, but also strong solo releases like "Surface." 

"After" follows in line with his strong work in the past, as he blends together different sounds while showcasing strong, yet soothing vocals throughout. "With the instrumental for "After," I wanted to modulate between quiet, floating sections, and intense, sweeping choruses," Shallou said to Complex. "After" is the last single of my first year or so as Shallou. Lyrically, it ties together the themes of the last four singles, discussing the danger of spending too much time in your own head, or over-analyzing yourself." Along with the new single, Shallou announced that the debut EP, After, will be released later this month. Stream the song in full below.