The original version of Royce Wood Junior's "Midnight" was a sleek, funky piece of pop music with hooks for days. The relaxed vocals swooped and soared around the taut, snappy beat for an instantly memorable song. Now, nearly five months after the release of the album which bore it, The Ashen Tang, Special Request (aka Paul Woolford) has been drafted in to take the track into an entirely new direction. RWJ's upbeat funk has been swapped for a guttural, jazz-inflected, almost-D&B vibe.

Woolford focuses the remix around a rolling drum fill and a gritty, mid-range snarl that buzzes menacingly through the track. It's well-balanced however, and RWJ's vocals are used to break up the darkness like a ray of sunshine piercing the storm clouds. The remix will be made available as limited 12" test pressing, along with the original, on November 1—though you can place your order right now. With Special Request's enormous Modern Warfare EPs still very much fresh in our minds, this is just another example of Woolford's currently untouchable form.