Mysterious producer Uquine has just released his new single "Chocolate Cosmos" on Stranger Records, and to mark the occasion, he's shared this remix from Boy Scout, the remix alias of producer and engineer Greg Freeman. Boy Scout's "Duck & Dive" remix gives the track a choppy, slightly awkward cadence that balances nicely against the bouncy arpeggios that float over the top. Adding to that Uquine's feather-light vocals, and you've got a versatile and hugely engaging piece of electronica. If this has you hooked, and it really should, it might be worth delving deeper into Uquine's world. His Instagram promises to explore "a fictional journey through space, capturing new imagery and sounds." There's also an "unofficial" radio station releasing tracks and snippets of Uquine's blissful electronic output. In fact, his whole social media presence revolves around an elaborate but fun science-fiction adventure, chronicling his journeys through space.