Having remixed the likes of Azealia Banks and Sebastian Carter, 21-year-old producer Morrt (the man behind "All Night") is back with a new remix, this time of Scales' new single "Loves Got Me High". The originalwhich will soon be celebrated for bringing a sample of Jamie Foxx from his 1993 standup show, Through The Foxxhole, to the attention of 2015 listenerswas a fast-paced deep house banger. Morrt's reworking, however, slows things down slightly, creating an airy, atmospheric club track that puts the catchy piano line at the forefront and submerges the vocals in a ghostly haze that swirls round the listener like a thick fog.

The track, and its success, also seems to have been something of a boost for Scales, telling Complex: "Hitting the Spotify viral charts and racking up some serious views on VEVO has to be one of the most rewarding feelings, as an artist, to have people believe in you and react to your music. Being in the studio 24/7 you never really know how things are going to sound in the big wide world, so having people react the way they are to my music and fans writing to me only fuels my inspiration and pushes me to keep creating."