Format:B, aka German duo Franziskus and Jakob, have been steadily building an international buzz over the past few years. Having made Berlin's Watergate their native club home, the two wasted little time in setting up the Formatik label, the home of many of their releases. New single "Chunky", however, will come via Ministry Of Sound (November 13) and that move seems to have been a shrewd one. The original version of "Chunky" has already had a lot of support from the likes of MistaJam, Annie Mac and Trevor Nelson, to name just a few.

Still, it was this remix from DJ S.K.T. that stood out for us with its hypnotically choppy vocal samples and brooding bassline that ever-so-slightly hints at an appreciation of UK garage. As with all good remixes, S.K.T. knows exactly which elements to play up, and which to temper. The soulful vocal line is sliced and diced, creating an almost percussive build to lead you up to the big reveal. Simultaneously ominous and fun-loving, splice this between some slow-burning house rumblers and your guaranteed to flip the club on its head.