Normaling, the Baltimore duo who take their name from one of 30 Rock's weirdest running gags, are .rarKelly and DJ Lemz and they've made quite a name for themselves at the cutting edge of club culture. Right at the beginning of the year we told you about Thunderbird Juicebox's pounding remix of Normaling's ""Lowdrop" with Rye Rye and TT The Artist, and now we've got their remix of "Good Girl Freak Out" by Double Duchess and Future People to share with you. The remix, which will be released at the end of Double Duchess and Normaling's West Coast U.S. tour, is just as powerful as the "Lowdrop" remix but there's a sultry robotic quality to this one.

It's sleazy, sexy, dark and has already won the respect of B'more legend Scottie B who's taken more than a few opportunities to drop it in his sets. The remix comes as part of a massive remix collection of Double Duchess tracks "All Eyes On Me", "Good Girl Freak Out", "Bullshit" and "Gifted" that have been reworked by Mighty Mark (another bastion of Baltimore club music), MikeQ & Divoli S'vere, The Carry Nation, Javascript and Ellie Herring. Take a listen below and check the tour dates on the flip.

Tour dates:

October 11 –​ Kava Lounge, San Diego
October 13 – The Lash, Los Angeles
October 14 – El Rio, San Fransisco
October 15 – Stargayzer, Austin
October 16 – Secret Location, Portland
October 17 –​ Kremewerk, Seattle

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