Beginning with their previous single, "Running", electronic three-piece Autograf have embarked on an impressive project that aims to combine physical art with music. For their new single "Metaphysical", they have created an interactive experience for the listener that includes a physical art piece (above) to coincide with the track. On top of that, if you head over to, you will be met with a constantly moving piece of art you can move around and play with while the tender and emotive organic melodies unfold. 

"To us, Metaphysical isn't about the origin of the universe," said the band, "it's about the reality we create in our own lives. When we peel back the layers, we're all just human inside." It's an ambitious project and one that's inspired heavily by both Banksy and '60s pop art. The ultimate goal, however, is clear: to create something where music, art, and culture can be intrinsically and organically linked.